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SHE Caribbean, March 2009

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Traditional weddings are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

These days, trendy couples are keen on having the most original and creative wedding ceremonies that best reflect their individuality, personal styles and beliefs. For many, a remote location in the Caribbean conjures up heavenly images of a simple yet elegant barefoot island wedding with unblemished white-sand beaches, radiating sunsets and wonderful tropical scenes- a perfect backdrop for a dream wedding, and one which is much more enticing than a typical ceremony in a non-descript setting.

The Caribbean continues to be a top wedding destination, and with so many tropical islands to choose from there is something for every couple seeking a fantasy wedding combining both the ‘warm’ factor and the ‘wow!’ factor.

Wedding planners in the Caribbean provide affordable and unique wedding and honeymoon packages especially designed to make every celebration personable and intimate. They help plan the intricate details of your ideal wedding, from start to finish, leaving you with time to relax and enjoy the experience of getting married in a non-traditional fashion.

Though they are very similar in many ways, each Caribbean island is distinctively different in character, offering a one-of-a kind experience for those who want to capture the true essence of a romantic getaway on a paradise island.

Couples who like the sun, sea and surf can enjoy the pristine beaches and a range of water activities, while others can connect with nature in the lush rainforests, bathe in hot sulphur-springs and walk nature trails leading to the most virgin parts of the islands’ interiors.

For the bride and groom seeking the perfect romantic getaway to celebrate the start of a new life together, which ever Caribbean island you choose, there are many options for a beautiful celebration with a unique feel, which you and your guests are sure to remember forever.

Wedding Vows:

Traditionally, the officiant decided upon a couple’s wedding vows according to the religious and conventional laws observed in their respective communities. However, as destination weddings are becoming more popular, there is a growing trend towards personalizing wedding vows, as couples take the opportunity to pen their own vows and sentiments of love and commitment which hold special meaning and significance for them.

Though modern vows have been thought of as non-traditional and sometimes inappropriate, many have adopted a few elements from traditional wedding vows to give it a classical feel. One such example of a modern vow with a traditional twist: “It is the greatest desire of my heart to be faithful to you and to love you always, seeking to meet your every need, desiring to help in every way, listening to you, encouraging you, comforting you and standing by your side in whatever circumstances may face us in the years ahead.

I will respect you, honor you and strive for harmony in our marriage with a quiet and gentle spirit.”

On the contrary, traditional wedding vows are still widely used, as for years they have been regarded as the only acceptable seal of marriage. For many old-fashioned couples, traditional wedding vows form an integral part of the wedding ceremony. Some prefer to maintain old traditional values to honor their families or because these classical wedding words best portray their wishes and commitment to each other. Some conventional couples use traditional wedding vows such as:

“ I, (name), take thee (name) to be my husband/wife. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, and I promise my love to you forevermore.”

A destination wedding or honeymoon in the Caribbean’s warm tropical sunshine is a sure way to keep that special fire burning. However you choose to celebrate that unique occasion, you can make it whatever you, as a couple, want it to be- a blissful getaway on a tropical paradise island.

Top Five Places To Get Married/ Honeymoon in the Caribbean:

  1. Jamaica: The Caves- Located close to Negril’s seven-mile beach front, the Caves is a luxurious resort specializing in customized tropical weddings and honeymoons.

  2. St. Lucia: Sandals Grande St Lucian Spa and Beach Resort- Dedicated to couples in love, this resort is set on its very own peninsula and framed by spectacular mountain views.

  3. Dominica: Jungle Bay Resort and Spa-Lush nature-based resort listed in Forbes Magazine’s Top 10 Luxury Eco-Resorts.

  4. St John, USVI: Gallows Point Resort- Known for its beautifully landscaped grounds with picturesque views and spectacular sunsets.

  5. Grenada: True Blue Bay Resort- Be it barefoot on the beach, or dockside at the marina, True Blue Bay Resort offers couples the perfect setting for an intimate wedding.

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