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Experience Dominica, November 2009

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If you are looking for Dominican memorabilia to take home, you will find that shopping for local crafts is relaxed and hassle-free. Stroll through Roseau and notice the prevalence of small craft shops and sidewalk tents with a wide assortment of Dominican souvenir items.

There are many locally crafted items made from wood, bamboo, straw, coconut and leather, but Dominica’s most distinctive memorabilia are the indigenous Carib crafts made from larouma reed and the famous vetiver grass mats, all appliquéd by hand.

You can find these island-wide, but especially in the Carib Territory and the Old Market Plaza in Roseau.

Locally designed tie-dye and batik clothing, leather bags and sandals and hand-crafted jewelry make great gifts. You can also buy exquisite art pieces, local spices and condiments, natural soaps and essential oils.

Duty-free shops also offer a wide range of luxury goods including liquor, tobacco, jewelry and perfumes. Currency conversion is straight-forward, with most shops accepting US Dollars, Pound Sterling and Euros.

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