OPPLive 08: Gathering of the Overseas Property Industry

Caribbean Land and Property, November 2008

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The Caribbean is one of the most valued places in the world for Offshore property investment, but with over 27 countries to choose from it is time-consuming and expensive to visit them all. OPPLive08 will bring professionals from the Caribbean and around the world to the Overseas Property Industry tradeshow in London on November 25th and 26th , 2008.

Director of Caribbean Land and Property Financial Services, Katie Sosna will host a seminar on the benefits of Economic Citizenship and Offshore Companies in the Caribbean along with an overview of real estate investment throughout the region.

‘The benefits of the Economic Citizenship programme are far reaching and the demand from Eastern European clients is rapidly on the rise.” Says Katie, “Many developers are looking for ways to make the most of their offshore investments. Having citizenship in another country offers the opportunity to be free from capital gains, gift inheritance and other punitive taxes and make smarter investments with the money saved and allows for VISA free travel for up to 100 countries.”

Gradually, the opportunity to obtain a second passport through economic citizenship programmes is becoming less available, and so, investors seeking multiple citizenships are urged to make the most of the opportunities provided by Dominica and the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis, the only two Caribbean countries that are still offering this programme.

Staged in London for the past four years, OPPLive provides a unique opportunity for the most influential people in the property industry to meet, network, develop partnerships and learn about new business opportunities and market trends all under one roof.

In addition to a second passport, individuals are also looking for safer means of protecting their income and investments, as the global financial crisis intensifies. Establishing an offshore company remains a popular and valuable option. The advantages of having an offshore company include low or zero tax afforded by the jurisdictions with stronger privacy laws than their onshore counterparts. In top tax havens, such as Dominica, Anguilla and BVI , the profits of an offshore company will usually be tax free.

In recent times, OPPLive has become a premier event in the industry calendar, with attendance by an ever-widening spectrum of professionals including developers, financial and tax advisors and company owners from all corners of the globe.

Katie Sosna sees this convention as a great way of staying abreast with the latest developments in the property industry, as well as to reconnect with old business partners. “I am looking forward to being in London later this month, as there is so much to catch up on. It’s such an honor to represent Dominica at this international event but I will be glad to get back for Christmas in the sun!.”