Invest Dominica Authority Hails Secret Bay

GIS News, 2011

Invest Dominica Authority Hails Secret Bay By Mara Etienne-Manley

Invest Dominica Authority (IDA), the Government’s agency responsible for promoting and facilitating both local and foreign investment into Dominica anticipates a major increase in hotel and tourism investment on the island, due to the recent media publicity gained by Dominica’s newest eco luxury resort, Secret Bay.

The property opened its doors for business in May 2011, and has since received outstanding reviews in renowned publications such as ‘National Geographic Traveler’, ‘Caribbean Travel + Life’, ‘Travel and Leisure’ and the UK Observer’s ‘Style’ Publication. British-based ‘Caribbean Property Investor’ magazine also named Secret Bay as one of the 7 most stunning accommodations in the Caribbean, in its annual Opulent Retreats listing.

And the international exposure is set to continue for this world-class eco resort. Over the next two months, Secret Bay will be featured in several international publications such as the New York Times as well as the prominent television program ‘A Taste of New York’. Secret Bay Resort, located in Portsmouth consists of two luxury villas and two bungalows in a beautiful eco setting with personalized world-class service. The property is designed by prominent Venezuelan architect Fruto Vivas, and the accommodations were built according to global best practices and standards for environmentally friendly tourism development.

Gregor Nassief and Sandra Vivas are the proud owners of Secret Bay, and are pleased with the publicity given to their property and Dominica on a whole. When it comes to combining eco-sensibility with private and unfettered luxury Sandra Vivas says, “It’s very important to provide this exclusive service to those who want a very private experience. Secret Bay is a perfectly quiet location for those who want seclusion and privacy.”

Invest Dominica Authority salutes Secret Bay and wishes them continued success and growth.

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