There are very few people who have the opportunity to do what they enjoy and earn a living. I say to that...well, I am blessed.

Fifteen years ago, I began my career as a Broadcast Journalist with Kairi FM radio, where I produced and hosted a Prime Time radio talk show and presented daily news packages.

I also worked as a writer / staff reporter at the Tropical Star Newspaper, where I wrote about Dominican life and culture, political issues, court cases and community events.

As I worked with both print and broadcast media, I fell in love with this industry and realized how much I enjoyed working with multi-media and embraced it. I can think of nothing else that I would enjoy more as a career.

I currently write articles on Caribbean life and culture both for magazines and online publications such as SHE Caribbean, IslandWhere, Caribbean Homes and Lifestyle, Experience Dominica and Domnitjen, among others.

My interest in television and film has driven me to writing scripts for documentaries and short films, and to pursue training in Film Production and Script Supervision.

My creative existence thrives on delivering excellent quality on time. I've come to greatly appreciate what it takes to develop my skills and potential as a writer and to cater to the needs of my clients. And because of all of this I have become a better writer, a better communicator, and most of all a better professional.